Skech Booklet

Skech has managed to include an interesting feature in the average Booklet. The Skech Booklet for iPad 2 is a folio type case. The SKECH_Booklet comes in two styles. One is the fully covered made up of faux leather and the other is quilted nylon type. The booklet can be zipped to completely cover the tablet. This feature will find favor with iPad users.


The iPad is secured at the four corners with elastic bands. This limits port and button access to an extent. The opening for the rear camera in Skech Booklet is larger compared to other cases but it is more of an advantage than a hindrance. Provision is made for a stylus holder. There are two different stands in the Skech Booklet for iPad 2. First is common fold down stand supported by a magnet when unused. Second is a rubbery band bound by a folded elastic strap. It enables multiple view angles once unfurled. Overall the Skech Booklet leaves a good impression as it is nice to have the entire unit zipped up.

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