SmartSuit 2 for the iPad

SmartSuit 2, an innovative folio-like case for the iPad, has been created by The Joy Factory. It comes with a traditional covering used in most shells and a front lid similar to Smart Cover, Apple’s protective case for the iPad. You can snap the iPad into the back shell. This covers a large area of the device’s back.

SmartSuit 2 iPad review

At the top is a thin strip of metal which has indentations. These are for the microphone and headphone ports, and the button that launches the iPad’s wake function. At the bottom of the case is a clearance where you can attach the dock connector and speakers. The front of the case has a set of magnets which activate the device’s auto lock feature. The flap can be folded to form a stand. This allows you to type on and view the iPad’s screen.

SmartSuit 2 iPad 4 review

A similar cover for the iPad, Stehen, has been designed by SGP. Its rear shell is similar to that of the Argos iPad cover. The front lid of the folio-like case differs from that of Argos as it lacks stands. Magnets have been incorporated into the lid which can fold below the shell. It can bend at an angle, away from the right seam. The back of the cover has two flaps. You can tuck the folio into them.