SnapSeed Review

Snapseed is a photo editor for the iPad that allows you to enhance the pictures stored on your iPad by adding filters, increasing their quality by adjusting myriad settings. It comes with clever controls; wonderful filters and textures to make a particular photo look amazing – much better than it was earlier. However, what makes Snapseed so wonderful is the way one uses it.

Snapseen review

Just select a particular effect (or adjustment); select the option by doing vertical swipes and then apply the effect by performing horizontal swipes. So, there are no stupid, non-user friendly bars to adjust which is why I loved it so much. Clearly, this is not exactly photoshop for iPad but is for those who do not know Photoshop (or are not that good at it) and still want their pictures to stand out.

Snapseed ipa download

It costs just 5 dollars, which is not bad for an app that is so freaking amazing. Download it here.

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