SpeakerCraft speakers for iPad

SpeakerCraft has churned-out FloBox and FloBox Mini speakers for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The FloBox and FloBox Mini feature docks compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, an FM tuner, AirPlay and DLNA compatibility, and a mini USB port for syncing functionality. The FloBox has 3.5-inch mid-woofers, two 3/4-inch tweeters, and a 5.25-inch subwoofer, while the FloBox Mini features two three-inch woofers and two 3/4-inch tweeters.

The SpeakerCraft has also introduced Vital 250 amplifier, which also features an iPad, iPhone, and iPod dock, AirPlay compatibility, 50 watt output, auxiliary inputs, a dedicated subwoofer output, a pre-out, a line-out, and a composite video output. The FloBox and FloBox Mini speakers price is yet to be announced and Vital 250 costs 699 dollars.