Splash Products Vapor II

Most Smart Covers have a similar basic structure or hard plastic shells with an open left edge. However, Splash Products Vapor II for iPad 2 is different from other Smart Covers. The Vapor II has is a play through case. Compared to other Smart covers, it is made from more flexible and soft materials. Special lips keep the Smart cover in its place. Vapor II follows Splashproducts earlier launch Vapor.

Splash Products Vapor II


The body of Splash Products Vapor II for iPad 2 is frosted. The edges of the TPU body are glossy and raised convex. The case covers the tablet completely with appropriate openings for microphone, speaker and connectors. The other buttons are covered. Installing the Splash Products Vapor II for iPad 2 can be a bit confusing. It doesn’t come with the standard design of one long opening instead it comes with two central holes surrounding a full lip. The Smart cover doesn’t lie flat as it is thick and its shape is matched with the shape of the tablet due to which its magnets can’t properly align with the tablet if tilted beyond 90o. Otherwise, it does hold firmly on to the tablet. The Splash Products Vapor II for iPad 2 is priced at $30.

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