SteamPunk Genre

When Bungie signed up for an exclusive deal with Activision last year in April (2010), studio (made famous by Halo) made it public that it would be leaving the whole franchise to explore something new. Now, both companies – Activision and Bungie have told the Internet that they are together working on a new project called Destiny

Steampunk ipad game

Now, Destiny was only confirmed to be coming to Xbox, PS3 and PC. However, more rumors popped out for a game being developed for iPad. This news was taken from a Google group called “Seattle Streamrats”.¬†French military, Confederate, and “Pirate-y themed” cloths is all what we know about this upcoming game. Still, take it as a grain of salt until the game hits the appstore or is confirmed by the companies officially. [via brothersoft]

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