Stem Innovation iZon Remote Room Monitor

The new Stem Innovation iZon Remote Room Monitor from Stem innovations is basically an audio visual camera that cuts out all the other frills like memory cards, huge power supplies and routers. Its simplicity is what stands out. All one has to do is go to the App store and download the free Stem: Connect App.

The Stem Innovation iZon Remote Room Monitor consists of a microphone enabled video camera along with 802.11b/g/n wireless capability. In addition there are wall mounting screws and a magnetic detachable half globe. All this is housed in a single white plastic tube. Additional units can also be added to a single network which can easily accommodate up to 200 units.
The drawback if any of the Stem Innovation iZon Remote Room Monitor is that the images are blurred almost unrecognizable in dim light. So remote monitoring in a dark room is almost impossible with this device. The area where the iZon really scores well is pricing and no frills. At $130 the izon-remote-room-monitor offers motion sensing video creation which can be directly uploaded to your you tube account. The frames move at a decent pace and the audio quality is also good. The resolution offered is 480×320.Still picture is not an option in the iZon.