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GearZap iPad KeyCase

GearZap’s iPad KeyCase has been in the market for a while, but many may not have heard about it. It is a convenient combination of a folio case and a Bluetooth connected keyboard. The folio is made

Logitech Keyboard Case

Logitech has introduced a Keyboard Case for iPad 2 for $100. The Logitech Keyboard Case is similar to other Bluetooth tablet keyboards. The fonts on the keys of the Logitech Keyboard Case are better than most keyboards.

Wekreat Bento

Wekreat Bento for iPad 2 is basically a case containing two pieces. First is a shell made of silicone rubber that covers the tablet and the second is an external battery pack. The Bento’s external battery pack

Unusual Studio VIP

Unusualstudio has brought the Unusual Studio VIP for iPad 2 in the market for $50. The VIP for iPad 2 is a good combination of looks and functionalities. The company has made every effort to make this

ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case

The ZaggFolio case integrates a Bluetooth based iPad keyboard with a carbon fiber hard case. The keypad is of excellent quality with island key configuration, making it easier to type out documents. It fits the iPad perfectly,