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WingTip BookCase from Portenzo

WingTip BookCase from Portenzo is a perfect fit for iPad 2. The tablet owners, who have used the DODO case before, will be familiar with the features of the WingTip case. The company makes each unit of

BoxWave Capacitive Stylus

BoxWave’s capacitive stylus has been designed specially for the iPad’s multi-touch screen. There is no need to touch the screen with your hands when you write on the device, as the stylus allows you to do so

Ozaki iCoat Notebook Grain

Ozaki’s latest case, the Ozaki iCoat Notebook Grain for iPad 2 follows the conventional folio style design. The iCoat Notebook Grain has a shell which clutches the tablet and a lid to cover the glass face. The

Griffin CinemaSeat 2

Griffin was amongst the first companies to introduce a car mounting assembly for iPad. It has now come up with a sequel to its earlier Cinemaseat called the Griffin CinemaSeat 2 for iPad 2. Cinemaseat 2 is