Apple Zagg Articles

Logitech Keyboard Case

Logitech has introduced a Keyboard Case for iPad 2 for $100. The Logitech Keyboard Case is similar to other Bluetooth tablet keyboards. The fonts on the keys of the Logitech Keyboard Case are better than most keyboards.

ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case

The ZaggFolio case integrates a Bluetooth based iPad keyboard with a carbon fiber hard case. The keypad is of excellent quality with island key configuration, making it easier to type out documents. It fits the iPad perfectly,

Adonits Jot Stylus

Adonits has created the Jot Stylus using the project to raise funds (more than $168k in 30 days).  The Jot Stylus comes with a free app, the JotStudio, which further increases the accuracy of the Jot.

iPad Marker Pen

The main thing that iPad took away from the tablet world is the use of stylus. Then, why would make an iPad accessory that stimulates a stylus, right? Well, Scribbly is not a typical stylus made of