TabletTail Hand From Octa

TabletTail is the first iPad accessory introduced by Octa. The tablet stand looks like a fish appendage made of plastic. It is a perfect fit for all iPads released so far. TabletTail can be used both as a stand and a handle for iPads. The stand is great for users having iPad cases with a flat back. TabletTail consists of 2 components – a Vacuum Dock and a WhaleTail.

TabletTail Hand octa review

The stand comes with a carrying sack which includes a plastic cap. It is capable of covering the connector of the Vacuum Dock when it is used. A suction pump is attached to the Vacuum Dock for creating vacuum against an iPad’s flat back. The tabs on both sides of the suction cup can be pulled for allowing air inside.

The Vacuum Dock’s back is flat with a depression of 2 inches width and 1/8 inches depth. The stand looks similar to the tail of a whale. One of the best aspects about TabletTail is that it is stable in all orientations. The stem’s tail can easily fit in a user’s fingers, acting as a handle.

TabletTail is highly functional and offers a lot of customizing options. However, the stand is a little heavy.