Targus Lap Lounge for iPad 2

The Targus Lap Lounge for iPad 2 designed by targus is basically a stand that converts your iPad into a TV screen. The assembly consists of two parts. The white base made of plastic with approximately ¾” deep recession and a series of hinges to grip the assembly.

Targus Lap Lounge for iPad 2


The Targus Lap Lounge for iPad 2 comes with some exciting features. There are openings for speaker, microphone, Dock connector port, headphone and sleep/wake button. A unique feature of the Targus Lap Lounge for iPad 2 is the waveguide which directs sound wave towards the viewer. The viewing angle can be adjusted right up to 90o and the iPad can be positioned in landscape or portrait orientation. However, while shifting, the orientation need to be careful about the screen protectors as they are prone to get over the clips holding the iPad and there is a possibility of bubbling or peeling of the screen protectors. The pillow of Targus Lap Lounge for iPad 2 feels like a soft bean bag. It is actually filled with small foam pieces. The lap lounge moves quite snugly when placed on the lap. There isn’t a choice in the pillow cover color department. It comes only in one standard color – beige. Additional features include a stylus holder and a zippered pouch containing a plastic cover which can encase the entire unit while moving around.

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