Ten One’s Magnus Stand for iPad 2

Magnum, the latest aluminum stand from Ten One is a perfect fit for iPad 2. The 3-inch deep stand is made of machined aluminum. 4 rubber feet are provided at the bottom of the iPad stand which keeps it in place, on a flat surface. Unlike most tablet stands that have a lip or plug, to hold the iPad, magnets are used in Magnum to support the cover.

Ten One Magnus Stand for iPad 2 review

A rubber strip has been incorporated in between the two metal surfaces of the stand. The rubber acts as a buffer. The docking mechanism of the iPad stand is quite sturdy and offers good functionality. However, the mechanism restricts the iPad in one orientation only – landscape. The port connecting the docks is in the right direction at an angle.

When removing the tablet from the stand, users should ideally use both their hands. Otherwise, the strong magnetic attraction keeps the iPad attached to the stand. The best aspect about the Magnum stand is that it has been designed in a way so that the magnets of iPad 2 can be taken advantage of in a smart way. The iPad stand is a great solution for users looking for an accessory with a single locked orientation.