Ten Ultimate iPad Accessories – Part 1

iPad accessories are numerous but are not created equal.  There are of course essentials such as the Griffin Intellicase and the Belkin Keyboard Case, however, we thought we would give you a selection of accessories that are a bit left of field.  The following are iPad accessories that we love personally, that break the mold, lead their particular niche or are just plain sexy.  We will be featuring our favourites in more detail in the next couple of weeks but for now, check out Part One of iPadhype’s list of the ten most eye popping, jaw dropping and heck, most useful iPad accessories out there today!

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Use your iPad in the car with the CoulVue Car Headset Mount

With most SUV’s having built in video players, why not go one step further and use your iPad as a multimedia system in your car?  The mount can moved around to face any seat in the car, is light weight and compact.  That way, you can watch TV and movies on the go or else take advantage of the fact the iPad is more than just a video player!  Priced at $79.95.

CoulVue-Car-Headset-Mount-iPad (Mobile)

Take your iPad to the beach with the TrendyDigital Waterproof iPad Cover

This all new waterproof cover from TrendyDigital is available for about $20 online.  It is thin enough that you can still use your iPad as you want, the screen is still responsive, but it maintains its water tightness so you can be comfortable your iPad is suitably protected against water, sand and dirt.

Trendy-Digital-Waterproof-iPad-2-Case (Mobile)

Turn your iPad into a recording studio with the Apogee Jam

The Apogee Jam turns your iPad into a mobile recording studio.  Combine it with a suitable mixing app and you have the ultimate portable tool for recording your music.  Although the Apogee Jam has been designed specifically for GarageBand, it works with other DAW software like Amplitube.

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iPad essential?  Stylus.  Stylus essential?  Pogo Stylus

Although the beauty of the iPad is that you can navigate it with your fingers, the fact is sometimes you need something more accurate to get the best out of the iPad’s drawing and design apps.  The Pogo Stylus is designed to have a ‘soft tip that glides easily over the surface of your trackpad or display, making it fun and easy to sketch and draw characters.’

pogo-stylus-ipad (Mobile)

Kids love to draw?  Get Lightboard for iPad

The iPad is not a piece of technology that should be kept from the kids, it opens so many new avenues of learning and creativity for them, any iPad owner should get their kids onto it as soon as possible.  That said, you might not want your precious new toy being manhandled by such unscrupulous hands!  That is where Lightboard comes in.  Lightboard works with the Lightboard tracing app allowing kids a great means to draw, design and trace.  Best thing for the adults, it has a solid base and protective covering for the screen.  It also comes with a stylus so you might not even need to buy the Pogo Stylus!

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