The iPad Pro Lacks 3D Touch; massive letdown

It is crazy to see that the new Apple iPad Pro does not have 3D touch feature that the Cupertino giant has been advertising as the next big thing in application development. It has implemented it in its iPhone 6S.

iPad Pro Lacks 3D Touch

One of my friends was all set to buy the iPad Pro until we observed that no body is talking about the lack of 3D touch on the tablet. This will instantly make the iPad Pro out of date as it runs the latest version of iOS just fine but is not able to make full use of its entire list of features from day 1.

In other words, a just-launched iPad that costs twice the cost of iPhone should seem out of date like last year’s iPhone. It appears that Apple has already told us what is going be the biggest feature of the iPad Pro 2 as the first generation Pro model is out of date even before it hits the market shelves.

Also, it is interesting to note that iPad has always received new features later than the iPhone. Look at Siri, Touch ID, etc.