T-Mobile UK iPad Plans

iPad 16GB 3G version is now being offered on T-Mobile for the UK customers. You can snag a bit of discount, depending upon the plan you choose. If you are a new customer, you can get 1GB data and 1GB of quite time data (time between midnight and 10am) for 27 pounds a month. Then you can get the iPad for mere 200 pounds.


However, if you are an exisiting T-Mobile customer, you will be paying two pounds less – 25 pounds / month and iPad for the same 200 pounds. If you want to go with no-contract, there are three plans for you:


  • 500MB/day for £2.00/day
  • 1GB/week for £7.00/week
  • 2GB/month for £15.00/month

But keep in mind that with these plans, iPad will cost you a whopping 530 pounds.