Twelve South HoverBar 3 for iPad Review

We have massive fans of Twelve South and their products and why not? They are extremely useful and easy to use. Meet the HoverBar 3 that cost 100 dollars. It is same as HoverBar 2 but this time the mounting bar is compatible with every single Apple iPad released till date, except the first generation iPad.

hoverbar for ipad

Twelve South has also included a stand called the Sidekick that lets you use the iPad in either orientation.

Here are its specifications:

Maximum thickness of two-way clamp
1 inch (25.4 mm)

Length of HoverBar arm
22 inches (559 mm)

iPad Compatibility
iPad Air
iPad mini
iPad (2nd-4th gen.)

Here is how you install the HoverBar for iPad

To attach HoverBar to a Mac, table or cabinet, simply slide the clamp into position and tighten with the included allen wrench. To insert iPad into the secure clip, place the bottom corners of iPad into the frame, gently clip the top of the iPad into the frame to secure. Then you can position iPad wherever you want it. No drilling, no screws, no furniture damage and no commitment.

It comes with a heavy-duty metal clamp has thick silicone cushioning to make sure your Mac and furniture are safe from scratches. It also works with Apple’s Smart Cover, but does not work with shells or cases that add bulk or material to the back of the iPad.