iPad 2: Vaja Libretto

Vaja makes some pretty amazing cases for and its Libretto folio case line is no different. Immediately upon first touch, you can feel the quality and amount of work that has gone in the production of this leather case. The Vaja Libretto is not for those who are looking for a case to add some serious protection but for those who like to show their iPad as a serious business tool, rather than a gadget for playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.

vaja libretto ipad 2 review

The case provides a lot less coverage than you would otherwise expect from an iPad case. It, however does a decent job in protecting that huge display though. Vaja Libretto also incorporates magnets that turn the iPad on / off upon opening / closing of the lid.


The case is being offered in 15 colors and pile of materials. Too much choice also has a downside – 35 days are required to make one. Prices start at 160 dollars. [official product page]

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