Vintage Sleeve from XtremeMac

One of the first iPad 3 accessories developed by XtremeMac is the Vintage Sleeve. The product comes with a basic design, but the raw materials used are of high quality. Made of waxed canvas, the Vintage Sleeve is perfect for iPad 3, and can be used for iPad 2. .

Vintage Sleeve from XtremeMac review

The cover of the product is olive green and the inside lining is tan. Unlike most iPad 2 sleeves in the market, the XtremeMac product comes with a vertical orientation consisting of a flap and an opening along one of the edges.

A metal snap fitted in the product helps keep the iPad in place. Magnets and a leather tab are present underneath the snap. A pullout tab featuring below the flap helps in removing the iPad with ease.

The sleeve comes with a small opening through which the headphone port of the iPad can be accessed. A loop made of faux leather placed above the headphone opening acts as a handle for carrying the tablet. This feature is rarely found in iPad cases and sleeves.

Vintage Sleeve from XtremeMac comes with a smart look and offers better functionality compared to other products in the market such as the Illuzion from Spigen SGP.