Voltaic iPad Solar Charger

Voltaic has rolled out Spark tablet case for iPad (works with iPad 2 too) which is a pretty thin and padded, just like most of the iPad cases out there. But what makes it different from rest of the cases is its ability to generate 8W of power by harnessing Sun’s energy. The company says that it will take about 10 hours (same as iPad’s battery life) to fully charge it under sunlight.


So is it totally useless in monsoon days? No as it stores the charge in its battery pack allowing the user to use it when Sun is not around. There are other options too to charge it such as charging its internal battery by USB. It is now up on sale for 300 dollars (extra battery pack will cost you 100 dollars each). Would I recommend buying it? Not really just because for that price, you can get yourself a new first generation iPad.

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