iPad 2 vs iPad 1 BenchMarks

We all know that the iPad 2 comes with a faster processor (dual core) and even more powerful graphics. So, the question  is – how fast is iPad 2 compared to iPad generation 1? Folks at Cnet had a chance to run Sunspider benchmark test on the iPad 2 and they were blown away by the results. They found that not only iPad 2 outperformed its competitors, it surpassed other Apple devices as well when it comes to Internet browsing speed.


For those who do not know, Sunspider test is a pretty good test that tests how good is the web browser in loading pages with lots of content. This is due to the new Nitro Javascript engine that is included in the iOS 4.3 Safari. Apple claims that this new ‘engine’ is twice as fast than the engine present in iOS 4.2 operating system. iPad 1 which is also not a slow device by any means came out second in their tests. [via cnet uk]