Waterfield Designs’ Muzetto Bag for iPad and iPad2

The Muzetto is a leather bag that has been designed for iPad and iPad2 users. This bag is available in different sizes. There is a 10 inch model made out of brown leather. Users can choose what color they would like to accent the bag: flame, pine, black, copper, pearl and green. Waterfield Designs has provided each bag with gold lining in order to make the compartments easier to navigate.

The primary storage space can accommodate an iPad or even a small netbook. This compartment is padded so as to ensure that the device is not damaged when it is transported. The advantage of this is that an iPad with a protective outer casing can still fit into the bag. Included in this compartment is a small pocket which can be zippered. This is to hold all the cables and other accessories that accompany an iPad.

There are pockets for extra storage both at the front and at the back of the bag. The pocket at the front of the bag is lined with black fleece. It is perfect to store items to which users will require instant access. This pocket also houses a small phone pocket to store a mobile phone. The pocket at the rear of the bag is lined with a bright gold material like the main compartment.

The storage areas are covered by a nylon and leather flap which is weighted down to secure it. The Muzetto also features a padded strap which is thin but adjustable with a good grip.