Wekreat Bento

Wekreat Bento for iPad 2 is basically a case containing two pieces. First is a shell made of silicone rubber that covers the tablet and the second is an external battery pack. The Bento’s external battery pack contains a stand, shield and a 6,600m Ah external battery pack. Wekreat has introduced this in the market for $130.

Wekreat Bento for iPad 2


The Wekreat Bento has a built in battery that can provide up to 6 hours of use. The TPU case completely covers the iPad, ensuring full protection. The Wekreat Bento has a fuel gauge indicator for the battery. The stand is adjustable providing multiple viewing and typing options in both portrait and landscape orientation. iPad sleep/wake functionality is also available. The Wekreat Bento comes along with the following accessories: a micro USB cable, Screen protector film, polishing cloth and bubble removing card. One additional USB port is provided for charging additional devices. The on/off switch is slide controlled which helps in saving power. The hinge stand of the bento is made of stainless steel. A HD protective film is included in the standard pack. The case is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 400 grams.

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