Wekreat TypeRider

The Type Rider from Wekreat is a folio style case for iPad 2 that also features a built in hardware keyboard. However, it is different from what we have seen so far including Qmadix iPad 2 case and iPad 2 Logitech case. Instead of holding the iPad in leather like aforementioned cases, it is held in plastic shell which looks like a plastic back shell (like iFrogz Backbone). The shell has all the openings for controls and buttons so that you need not take the iPad out of the case just to sync or charge.


The TypeRider looks super fantastic just like Wekreat Sleeve which is also being offered by the company. Now, let us talk about the keyboard (which is held in its place by magnets). I used it for sometime and the only annoyance was the small right shift key. The keys are also a bit smaller than what you find in a mini laptop.


Nevertheless, the typing speeds are, of course much higher than what you are able to achieve using the soft input panel on iPad. The keyboard can be charged by using the supplied micro USB cable. The whole package costs 100 dollars making it cheaper alternative to Sena Keyboard Folio that retails at 150 dollars. [type rider official page]