What are iPads?

iPads are Apple’s version of tablet computers. In the past years since the release of the first model of iPad back in 2010, Apple’s tablet became the best selling product in its category. Moreover, there is an entire frenzy cult developing around the iPad ever since the first model.

what is ipad

iPads are functioning on iOS. As any other tablet, an iPad is characterized by a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard. Every iPad includes built-in Wi-fi and/ or cellular connectivity, camera and/or front camera and pre-installed applications. A site called Newfrog offers cellphone cases and iPad cases.

The most famous thing about the iPads is the design, with only one, round button placed in the middle and 9.7-inch screen size.

Reasons for which you want to buy an iPad

Firstly, iPads have a tremendous display quality. And if we take a look to the latest models, we’ll find that they come with a Retina display, which offers a great image quality, perfect for watching movies or gaming.

Secondly, iPads are great for e-reading. With apps like Kindle, Noon or even the built in iBooks, e-reading can be a real pleasure, both on the go and at home. A reason for which iPads are great for reading on the go is because their light weight- you can easily hold it with one hand and read your favorite books.

Talking about built-in apps, iPads have the huge advantage of coming with the availability of the iLife applications. These applications are all free and you can use them to edit your photos, videos, stock data or even create music. Among these apps you’ll find iCloud, iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. As well, Apple rounds the iLife app gamma with iWork apps. The iWork apps allow you to create spreadsheets, word documents and power point presentations on the go. As well, if you want to continue the work on your Mac Computer, you can easily use iCloud to sync all of your work on all your devices.

Due to the sharp image and precision iPads offer, they are perfect for gaming. There is a huge amount of games you can download on your iPad, most of those free or coming in for really low prices. Moreover, there are games being developed exclusively for iPads nowadays. So, if you are a gaming lover, you are very likely to get the newest games at a super high quality and with an extraordinaire user experience.

You can use your iPad to watch TV as there are apps streaming all the channels directly on your tablet. A couple examples among these applications are Hulu and BBC’s app.

As well, you can always be in contact with the people you care about, especially if you live abroad- Skype and other applications as such are going to work like wonder on your iPad.

iPads are great for photographs and photographers as well. While you will figure that iPads have a tremendous camera resolution, you will be also surprised to find out that as a photographer, you can easily run presentations or display your photographs at a really good quality- again, due to the quality of the display.

A short history of iPads

The first iPad was released on 3th of April, 2010. Ever since then, iPads became a hit in the technology market. The second model was released on March 11, 2011 and it was the first device to feature a VGA front camera. The device received mixed opinions from critiques. Even though, it sold millions of products in the USA only, in the first month after release.

Next, Apple developed the third generation of iPads. The new generation features a Retina display, voice dictation, front and back camera. Widely, the product was released on March 16, 2012.

iPad 4 was released only months after the previous one, in November 2012. It maintained the Retina display and improved the operation system.

The latest iPad models are iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

Which model is the best?

Currently, in 2015, there are five models of iPads: iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3. Each model comes in a couple storage capacities and you can choose between having just the Wi-fi connection or Wi-fi and 3G. As well, each iPad comes in two or three colors.

iPads are split into two screen sizes categories: full-size, featuring iPad Air and iPad Air 2, and mini, with iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3.

The latest iPads all have a Retina display, both front and back camera and run on iOS. And, because these five mentioned earlier are the latest products by Apple, they are also the most expensive.

Therefore, there is hardly one iPad-fit-it all. Most definitely, there is a best model for each person and not a generally renowned best model of iPad. The best model for you is not necessarily the newest and the most expensive- considering your own needs, you can choose one of the iPads from earlier generations and even refurbished and second hand products.