Which tablet can hold its own for gaming?

Over the years, many different kinds of devices have been used for gaming. As wireless connections became a reality, laptops were common as gaming devices. Then as the smartphone became popular, gaming on these pocket sized devices became all the rage. However, some users found these screens to be too small to their liking and wished for a large device. Eventually, the tablet was created which fulfilled this gap as they are larger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop.

Which tablet can hold its own for gaming

The Google Nexus 7 is a tablet that is worthy as a gaming device. This particular tablet does rely on the Android operating system rather than Apple’s. This can be a hot selling point for many gamers as they can find more gaming apps compatible with their tablet. There are several convertible laptops in Canada that double as tablets. The tablet measures in at 7 inches, hence the 7 in its name. As a gaming device, this smaller size is easier to handle and hold in one hand as you enjoy your favorite game, such as an online game like Halo Spartan Assault.

The Google Nexus 10 offers a much larger display screen for those who like the features of the Nexus 7 but wish to have a larger display screen. The screen of this tablet is sharp with a 2560 x 1600 resolution. This means more pixels for even crisper graphics. Many online sites have gone to a lot of effort to make their graphics quite lifelike. With the Google Nexus 7, this doesn’t go unnoticed.

Looking at Apple’s offerings, the iPad Air 2 is a tablet that functions well as a gaming device. Unlike the original iPad, the Air 2 is much thinner and lighter and while making it weigh less Apple didn’t sacrifice any screen size. The device still has a screen that measures 9.7 inches and with the lighter weight, many iPad owners wish to upgrade to the Air 2. The device includes all of the features one would want visually from an iPad which helps its appeal as a gaming device.

There are many other amazing tablets in the market for gaming. If you are going for some other brands, make sure you get one with quad core processor by Samsung or Qualcomm. The latest and most powerful is the Snapdragon 820 which is also being used in high smartphones. It is also suggested to go for a tablet that packs at least 2GB RAM to ensure there is no drop in frames when playing complex and heavy games.