WingTip BookCase from Portenzo

WingTip BookCase from Portenzo is a perfect fit for iPad 2. The tablet owners, who have used the DODO case before, will be familiar with the features of the WingTip case. The company makes each unit of the product according to specifications from customers.

WingTip BookCase from Portenzo review

The case comes with a magnetic-grip cover, an elastic strap, an opening for the tablet’s camera, a stylus and a stylus compartment. A stand mechanism referred to as IntelliStand by the company, has been provided in the WingTip case.

The stand mechanism is covered by buckram which is a coarse cloth. A wooden frame consisting of rubber bumpers has also been included in the case to hold the iPad in place.

The iPad accessory comes with an opening for a side switch, headphone port, dock connector and volume rocker. Unlike most tablet cases in the market, an opening for the Sleep Button has not been included in the WingTip BookCase.

Users can go for a magnetic cover clock, which can make the tablet inactive when not in use. When the tablet is taken out of the case, it becomes active. As the magnetic cover lock is not included in the case, users have to buy it separately. Portenzo will soon release a case for the latest iPad model.