iPad Clone running Linux: YlfmPad

Ylmf operating system is a Linux OS that is derived from Ubuntu. The OS is resemble the looks of Windows XP and till now, Microsoft appears to be cool with folks behind Ylmf. Now, a tablet running the aforementioned operating system has been spotted in China. The tablet, called the YlmfPad is running version 3.0 of Ylmf OS and packs 3x USB 2.0 posts, 3G module, VGA port, multi card reader, microphone and earphone jack.

Ylmfpad ipad clone

It is pity that the iPad 2, launching in a couple of days from the time of this post will not come USB or VGA ports like YlmfPad. However, since YlmfPad’s OS is nothing but skinned Ubuntu 10.10, we are really not sure how smooth will that device run. We would love to know its price but pricing information is not available. [via midbbs.cn] (Chinese)