YourType Folio + Keyboard from Belkin

The latest Bluetooth keyboard case YourType Folio + Keyboard from Belkin can be used for all iPad models. The product is an improved version of the previously introduced iPad keyboard case by the manufacturer – Keyboard Folio. The new case includes all features in some of the latest keyboard cases from Belkin.







YourType has been designed according to a folio-style set up. It has been made from soft fabric used in Keyboard Folio as well. The fabric helps in holding the iPad in place. Made of neoprene material, the fabric offers a sporty feeling which is rarely found in keyboard cases in the market.

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YourType comes with all necessary outlets for accessing buttons and ports of the tablet. However, the iPad may not be centered perfectly at all times nor are its ports. The same problem is exhibited by its bezel coverage as the home button remains covered only partially.

The keyboard remains attached to the front cover’s inside which reduces the case’s size both in closed and open forms. A unique feature of the keyboard case is its removable design.

The case comes with Velcro tabs on its four corners which saddle up against rubber feet. This feature allows iPad owners to use the case separately without the keyboard. A magnetic tab inside the case keeps it closed when the product is not in use. The manufacturer has also provided a magnet at the back of the case which prevents the tabs from hanging over the tablet when it is standing.

The automatic locking and unlocking features, found in most cases in the market, have not been provided in the YourType Folio. This is because the automatic lock features have reportedly caused issues in quite a few iPad cases.