Zagg buys iFrogz

Zagg, the company behind the fantastic iPad accessories (they jointly made the awesome keyboard case with logitech) have announced that they have closed the deal with the iFrogz that is worth close to whopping 105 million dollars. Zagg says they bought iFrogz to expand their product portfolio.


The deal includes all outstanding iFrogz’s stock for 50 million dollars in cash, 4.4 million restricted shares and 5 million dollars of outstanding debt. Now, the company will be fully operated by Zagg’s president S. Huskinson.

zagg ifrogz deal

iFrogz Backbone is a nice iPad 2 case and I loved using it. For those looking for extra protection should go for iFrogz Summit case. However, I cannot say the same thing for Zagg’s screen protector. I really did not like it and still feel it was a rushed product.