ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case

The ZaggFolio case integrates a Bluetooth based iPad keyboard with a carbon fiber hard case. The keypad is of excellent quality with island key configuration, making it easier to type out documents. It fits the iPad perfectly, with a body made of aluminum, which makes it sturdy yet light.







The keys are black and well-spaced, making it easy to use even for those with big fingers. The keyboard also has options for iPad function keys which allow you to use the important features of your tablet. The battery built into the case will last for more than a week after a single charge.

The Folio case has a hard shell with a carbon fiber type of pattern on the outside. The outer surface is black, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. Inside, the tablet is protected by a microfiber material which is guaranteed to protect your device from getting scratched.

The first version of ZaggFolio did not include a latch, giving it a disadvantage. Now, the new version comes equipped with a secure latch. The folio also includes an automatic on and off magnet button for speedy shut downs and start ups.

The case manages to provide the iPad with protection and easy access to all the important ports and holes in the device. Another plus point is that it can be used as a stand.