ZTE Light Plus vs iPad

ZTE has stepped into the tablet field like a bang and has been offering ZTE Light and Light Pro tablet from the past couple of months. Recently, the company debut their newest model, Light Plus which looks like a Galaxy Tab’s kin rather than iPad clone.


The LightPlus runs Gingerbread operating system (Android 2.3.3) on a Qualcomm 1GHz processor combined with 512MB RAM. The display operates at WVGA resolution (800 x 480), which is the same being used by most smartphones these days. While the iPad 2 clearly triumphs over it both in terms of processing power and operating system, Light Plus is going to be available at a price lower than 300 dollars (250 Euros) and will come with both 3G and Wi-Fi built-in.

There are some glaring flaws in the Light Plus that prevents us in recommending it over an iPad 2. First, is its resolution. A tablet should have atleast 1024 x 600 pixel resolution or more to provide better web-browsing experience than a smartphone. Second is its OS. Google has introduced tablet enhancements in Android 3.0 OS, also known as Honeycomb. These enhancements are absent in Android 2.3.3 which is the OS of Light Plus. So, in the end you feel more like using an oversized smartphone, rather than a tablet.


Note that if you really want an Android tablet, go for something Acer A500. Feel free to read my comprehensive iPad 2 vs Acer tablet  comparison to make your decision.

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