I had a chance to play with the ZTE V9 android tablet last week. At first glace, it appears tiny when compared to my iPad. Immediately, when you turn it on, you are greeted with a nice, bright 7-inch display packing 800 x 480 pixel resolution.


However, the kinetic scrolling requires a little work and to be honest, the bottom of the ZTE V9 looks like a typical Android phone that bears home, settings and cancel button. Like iPad, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack but it situated a the top of the unit. Turn the ZTE and you will find its matte painted surface that can be easily scratched, just like the old iPod Touch. Performance is very zippy and its MSM 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM and ROM makes sure that it never slows down. The software experience is vanilla android as it does not features a custom skin. But, I was surprised to find that V9 does not features multitouch.

ZTE_v9_review (1)

At the back, you will find a 3 mega pixel camera that shoots decent pictures. Battery life is awesome as well. I was able to get 7 hours in a single charge, which is pretty great for an tablet of this size. That said, it is far from what the company claims  – 10 hours! Connectivity-wise, you get 7.2Mbps HSDPA, 802.11g Wi-Fi (no 802.11n), 3G and quad band GSM. Bluetooth radio is there on the unit as well. All in all, it is priced very attractively and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable tablet.

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